She thought they were the perfect fit

Sterling silver ring

Medium - Large  
Dimensions 3.2 x 3.2 x 2.0 CM ( H*L*W )

  • $190.00
Gillie’s artistic tendencies started when she was a little girl living in Africa. She would draw pencil sketches of the wildlife in Zambia. Meanwhile, as a boy Marc would frequently visit Melbourne Zoo with his father so he could paint all the animals there. When the artists first met they stayed up all night talking about art and adventure. They quickly realised that they were kindred spirits. Dogman and Rabbitgirl are also kindred spirits. They fell for each other hard and fast. After the initial excitement wore off, they discovered they loved each other more than they thought was possible. Dogman and Rabbitgirl bring out the best in one another, because they are the perfect fit.