Home to NASA’s Johnson Space Station and the worlds largest medical centre, Houston is bursting with accomplishments made by inspirational women. Blazing the pathways for young girls to follow suit, and conquer their own journeys. History was made in Houston by a number of women, yet, when we look at public statues, there are only 2 women represented, one being Alice in Wonderland. That contributes only 3% of Public Art statues in the states largest city. 



One of the two statues in Houston

Emily D. West - Yellow Rose of Texas 

Emily D. West has been outed as both myth and history with her story some what murky after her move from New York to Texas in 1835. However, the reasoning behind this statue was to pay tribute to her contribution in helping to defeat the Mexican army by charming Mexican General Santa Anna. The tale “The Yellow Rose of Texas” was born from this event. 

You can find the statue across the street from Memorial City Mall in Houston amidst a garden of yellow roses by artist Veryl Goodnight