Home to NASA’s Johnson Space Station and the worlds largest medical centre, Houston is bursting with accomplishments made by inspirational women. Blazing the pathways for young girls to follow suit, and conquer their own journeys. History was made in Houston by a number of women, yet, when we look at public statues, there are only 2 women represented. That contributes only 3% of Public Art statues in the states largest city.


Current Statues of Women in Houston

Lillian Schitzer

Lillian Schnitzer Fountain is an outdoor 1875 fountain and bronze sculpture by J. Warrington Wood, installed outside Hermann Park's Houston Garden Center in Houston. The statue depicts a kneeling woman and rests on a granite pedestal and concrete base. She holds a water jug in her proper right hand and has her opposite arm raised to her chest. The sculpture is set within a brick-lined pool, which displays a plaque that reads: In Memory of Lillian Schnitzer '…A Spirit Still and Bright with Something of an Angel Light 1964.'


Located in Hermann Park, inside the entrance to the Houston Garden Center building, Dawn is a bronze statue of a nude woman and a fawn on a brick pedestal. It is the work of Helen Journeay. Born in 1893, Journeay was an acclaimed American sculptor in the 1930’s, and other copies of Dawn have been displayed in prominent showings and sculpture gardens around the country.