Steps to start a statue

Do you know an inspirational woman who deserves to be remembered forever? Get started to make this a reality and have her immortalised in an everlasting bronze statue!

We founded Statues For Equality to empower individuals just like you to be able to honour amazing women in your community and throughout history. Now is the time to put inspirational women and their achievements on the map.

You can get the ball rolling on the statue you think is important and we can meet you halfway. We can't wait to work with you to help make your female statue a reality. All you need to do is follow these simple steps: 

  1. Nominate an inspirational woman: Start by nominating the woman that you hope to honour with a statue. You must make sure you get her permission before going any further though. If she doesn’t want a statue, that is her choice and must be respected. If she is deceased, gain permission from a family member or descendant.
  2. Create a buzz. Create a catchy press release to share your exciting plan with the community. Make sure you highlight the woman you have nominated and your reasons why she should be recognised in bronze. Include a target date of the installation and send your press release to all media channels to gain as much attention as possible. Also, make sure to use the power of social media to spread the word and get support from near and far.
  3. Get in touch. We have a lot of experience when it comes to creating public sculptures and acquiring the funding for them.  Contact Statues For Equality and we’ll give you all the guidance you need to make your statue a reality.
  4. Find her a home. Reach out to all potential locations, both private and government, for an installation site. Hopefully, many of these locations will have already seen your exciting plan in the news and will be thrilled to get on board!
  5. We'll take care of the rest. Once the funding and location have been secured, Statues For Equality can take over and will create the statue, signage and installation, bringing your statue to life.
  6. One step closer. Once your statue is installed we will be one huge step closer to creating equality for women in public art and our cultural landscape. You would have been an integral part in creating tangible change for all women, helping to elevate the success of one who will, in turn, raise us all.

Need more help? Don’t hesitate to get in touch