Location: Riverside Park, New York
Artist: Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington

Jeanne La Pucelle (1412-1431), later known as Joan of Arc, was a peasant maiden said to have been divinely inspired to help liberate the French from English rule. The exploits of this heroine from the Middle Ages have been revisited by authors and artists ever since her death. In New York, a group of citizens formed a Joan of Arc monument committee in 1909. Their efforts coincided with those of a young sculptor, Anna Hyatt Huntington, to create a sculpture of Joan.

On December 6, 1915, the sculpture was unveiled, both heroic and infused with naturalistic detail. The over life-size bronze statue features Joan in armour, holding aloft her sword and standing in the saddle of her warhorse. Huntington wanted to depict Joan as spiritual rather than warlike.