One of the most prominent women in the United States space agency NASA, Tracy Caldwell Dyson is an American chemist and astronaut, selected by NASA following her groundbreaking research into molecular level surface reactivity.

As Mission Specialist #1, Caldwell Dyson flew on Space Shuttle Endeavour in a successful mission to help assemble the International Space Station in 2007. Three years later, Caldwell Dyson launched from Kazakhstan on a Russian Soyuz rocket to join Expedition 23 and spent 176 consecutive days on the International Space Station, celebrating her 38th birthday in space.  Inspiring women and girls everywhere to shoot for the stars, Caldwell Dyson is the host of NASA TV series StationLIFE, and is fluent in both American Sign Language and Russian. Caldwell Dyson is rising from a California poppy, the state flower of California where she was born, studied, and lived until she was selected as a NASA astronaut. With cup-shaped petals, the California poppy blooms in an array of colors, symbolizing Caldwell Dyson’s achievements in various fields. 

Tracy Caldwell Dyson's incredible bronze statue has found a permanent home at the Griffis Sculpture Park & The Essex Art Centre and will be available for public viewing from mid-June 2021.