Call For Artists

This is a call for all creatives to join us in an artistic movement to change the world!

Gender inequality is one of the biggest issues we face today. Women are still paid less, given less opportunity to rise to higher positions, and their successes overlooked. We cannot reach our full potentials if half of the population are not allowed to flourish.

Statues For Equality is a global artistic movement aimed at empowering and celebrating the success of inspirational women of our time. Globally, women are underrepresented in public art with only a 3% average in the western world.

Starting in New York City with the launch of 10 larger than life bronze statues on the Avenue of the Americas, Gillie and Marc started a movement to change the tides on these statistics, striving to reach equality in public art around the world with 50% representation by 2025.

But it is not possible for Gillie and Marc to reach this goal by themselves. They are calling on all painters, sculptors, and creators to take up the torch and start celebrating women with their art. The more representation that women have in the paintings and sculptures of the world, the more their success will be normalized and accepted.

The public has been asked to nominate the women they think deserve to be honored with a public statue for you to be inspired by. This ever-growing list can be found by heading to the nominate page of this website.

It is so important that the artistic community comes together to take up this cause. Public art is the first step towards true equality and real change.

We need you to be the change-makers for equality. We need you for Statues For Equality. 

If you want to join this global artistic movement for equality please get in touch by sending Gillie and Marc a message: EMAIL