Location: Aurora Highlands, Colorado   
Artist: Gillie and Marc

This unique bronze sculpture serves as both a functional bench and a poignant tribute to the pioneering spirit of Dr. Justina Ford. Crafted with exquisite detail and artistry, the sculpture features Dr. Ford seated gracefully on the bench, holding a baby in her arms. This depiction symbolises her profound dedication to maternal and child healthcare, highlighting her role as a trailblazing African American female physician.

Visitors are invited to sit beside the sculpted figure, feeling a sense of connection to Dr. Ford's legacy of compassion and healing.

As a public art installation, this sculpture not only celebrates Dr. Justina Ford's achievements but also serves as a gathering place for reflection and inspiration. It honors her contributions to medicine, advocacy for underserved communities, and unwavering commitment to improving healthcare for all. This bronze masterpiece stands as a lasting testament to her enduring impact and the enduring power of compassion in healing.