To put it simply. Melbourne IS art. 

They have world famous baristas creating art on coffees, markets becoming a hub for creatives to talk about and buy handmade art and valleys that are sprayed and stencilled in technicolour brilliance reflecting issues and controversies the world faces. Inspirational art is hidden everywhere in Melbourne, sometimes in the smallest corners of the city and at times right in front of your face, yet there is only one inspirational public art statue representing females. In fact, out of the 580-odd statues, only 1% were not men. 



Current Statue of a Women in Melbourne


Fearless Girl

The world famous statue has made it to Melbourne! It is one of several replicas with a very strong message. The 50 inch girl with her fists clenched towards her hips, and body standing tall, the message behind this statue is “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes the difference”. She is about female empowerment. She sends the message that no dream is too big and no ceiling is too high. Although the statue, like most art, has come with many controversies, at the end of the day - the Fearless Girls message is that of equality. The juxtaposition of having the statue erected in the city with the most art and the least amount of female representation, is the irony of the century. 

You can find the Fearless Girl statue by artist Kristen Visbal at Federation Square