Harbour Bridge, Opera House, beaches and foodie heaven found on most streets, creates a cocktail that offers tourists many reasons to love Sydney. The city is also known for its wide variety of public art, erected in large public parks, main streets, and hidden within the corners of massive buildings. 


With well over 200 statues, it is a shock to find only 6% of public statues are female. 



Current Statues of Women in Sydney

Pioneer Women`s Memorial

 The sculpture is a tribute to women for their contribution to the colonisation of Australia, and to acknowledge the role of women pioneers in the development of the country. 

You will find this sculpture in the Jessie Street Gardens at the Pioneer Women's Memorial by artist Alex Koloszy

Kippax Lake statue

Kippax lake statue was erected in recognition of the achievements of Australian Sportswomen. Designed also by a women, this hits all of the right notes! 

You will find this sculpture in the Kippax Lake, Moore Park, by artist Diana Hunt