Nominations needed to recognise inspiring women

A new Council project aims to honour the inspiring women of the Bundaberg Region through memorials in public spaces, including the possibility of a bronze Statues for Equality monument.

Bundaberg Regional Council is calling for residents to put forward ideas for local women who could be acknowledged in public spaces, from street names to memorials in parks, buildings and other civic facilities.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said the idea had originated from a petition to State Parliament by eight-year-old Malia Knox who called for greater representation of women and girls in public spaces.

“Malia's call for change of gender representation in public spaces is a noble one and something that should have been addressed long ago,” he said.

“Not only does her idea highlight the fact that there is still a large gap in gender equality but is also a reminder of the many amazing women throughout history who have made such a huge impact within communities, small and large.”

Mayor Dempsey said the Bundaberg Region had been home to many inspiring women over the years.

“This includes Margaret Mittelheuser who was the first female stockbroker in Australia or Florence Broadhurst who was a talented designer with her works still sold today,” he said. 

“This project is a chance for the community to not only have their say on other many talented and hardworking women who should be showcased through public memorials, but also offers up an opportunity to learn about our history and the people who have made significant contributions to our community.

“What a fantastic way to inspire the generations to come.”

The ‘Recognising inspiring women in our region' project could also include the implementation of the first bronze statue of a local woman, through the generosity of international not-for-profit organisation, Statues for Equality.

The organisation has offered their support to co-fund the memorial, with Council calling on the community for fundraising ideas to assist with the project.

To find out how you can become involved, or to submit your idea, click here.

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