Recognising inspiring women in Bundaberg

We’re sure you know of inspiring women in our region. Now it’s time for you to tell us about them.

Council is asking residents to put forward ideas for local women who could be acknowledged in public memorials, as well as street names, parks, building and other civic facilities.

The idea came from a petition to State Parliament by eight-year-old, Malia Knox, calling for greater representation from women and girls in public spaces.

Malia used the hashtag #femalefaces4publicplaces project and now it’s our turn to recognise inspiring women in our region through public art and other civic recognition.

Please fill out the survey to tell us who you think should be recognised and give us the background on their achievements and why you think they are special.

International not-for-profit organisation Statues for Equality has also offered their support to co-fund a statue of an inspiring woman.

We are calling on community organisations and individuals to give us their fundraising ideas to help make Bundaberg’s very first bronze Statues for Equality statue a reality.

Fill out the survey now.

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